Teacher's Registration:

Teacher Registration Information 

Teachers Register First:

Teachers need to register themselves before students begin registration. Your school must be registered before the teacher registers. When the students register, they will then be able to select you from the list of teachers. Using the Register dropdown above, please follow these steps:

  1. Select Schools from the Register dropdown. If your school is not listed, please register your school by clicking "Register Another School" before you proceed to Step 2.

  2. Select Teacher from the Register dropdown to enter teacher registration.

  3. Once you have finished registering yourself, your students may proceed with the student registration process.

Email Addresses: 

Everyone needs to provide a reliable email address where we can contact them. If your students' school email accounts are secured (cannot receive mail from outside the school system), please be sure they provide an alternative email where they can be reached. This can be a parent's email or the student's Gmail or Hotmail account.

Instructions for Group Entries: 

Please read the "Creating Group Entries" section under the Student Main Tab thoroughly. 

Instructions for Websites: 

Students need to provide the Weebly URL for their website during registration. The
URL should look like this: https://12345678.nhd.weebly.com.


If the URL has words instead of numbers in the middle, they need to convert it to NHD
Weebly before they can register. Detailed instructions can be found here: 
NHD Weebly Format.


Or Register Using

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